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Live Lovingly
I've got to find a way
To live lovingly
Inside my body.
If I don’t
Then I won’t
Find room to grow.
I’ll shrink,
I’ll wrinkle,
I’ll turn fickle.
All attempts for a life of love
Inside my body
Will have evaporated.
No number can replace it.
No vision can replicate it.
Acceptance and comfort
They are my speech.
They are what
I want to reach.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 2 0
Break Bread With Your Demons
I want to kiss you
Then tell you
You’re too far fetched
For me
I want to mellow
Your demons
As they leave
Your lips
Tell them
To break bread
With me
In between my hips
I’d like to
Wine and dine them
Before attempting
Watch them
Stop and squirm
Then all together
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
Rapid Eye Movement
I touched him lightly just as I was about to sleep.
He murmured an “I love you.”
My being resonates within his deep slumber.
I am his REM sleep.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
She Was
She never looked more in love then when she wasn't.
No one knew what to think of her
Let alone what to say.
She left them waving goodbye.
She was on her way.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
She Is
She’s rotten bones
On tip toes.
Her loose lips
Sink ships
And her secrets
Don’t make friends.
An eye sore
On the floor.
She’s on her knees
Screaming “please,
I am here
Without any fear.”
Calm her eyes
And take in her size.
Her words jumble
Though she is humble
She claims, “I’m not his”
But she is.
She is.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 1 0
Embers Rage
I imagined embers burning brightly inside your rib cage.
And all at once I felt a crush of yearning that dissipated into rage.
I soaked my anticipation in alcohol.
I waited on your trips to break my fall.
By then I was hell bent and over it.
Instead now I laugh and revel in it.
Sure, shock, smirk; you’re a pattern without a cause.
Bait, batter, boss; you’re a noise without a pause.
I’m gray enough to smolder while drifting in your membranes.
You’re bright enough to claim my traits make me insane.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
A Liar's Tale
I see shapes
Where there were once holes
I see nudes
Within my skin without sores
I resist the urge
A trade I took up to pass the turn
I should speak
Instead I hide to feel the burn
I have layers
That don’t candy coat much
I have issues
That cannot be touched
I live life
With little to do but thrive
I tell lies
How else could I survive
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
The Things I Write
The things I write,
The words you say
Are considered troubling.
They both cause dismay. The words I don’t say
Are the things I write.
Your verbal vomit is potent
But I've got more fight.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
Gardenias In The Rain
Gardenias in the rain
How they flourish through the pain
Holding sanctuary to feed
Soaking up what they need
Their scent is a stain
So hard to attain
They thrive through weeds
Reaching up to be freed
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
Up In Space
You could say such powerful things when they were lies
But now when it’s time to speak truths you can’t spit a lick of honesty?
Where did the times of lonely nights
And spatial reasoning go?
Were they fleeing through that melancholy hole in your head
Or were they just too tangible for you to fake for real?
Dance among your lies
While I purge myself of ever thinking you were something other than nothing.
As far as I’m concerned
You fit between the dimensions of space
And a really fucked up place.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
Mouth Wide Open
I should have just kept my mouth shut
But pleading ignorance
Has never been my strong suit
And my intuition
Can’t be put on mute.
It’s as if a cancer plagues my mind
And keeps me guessing repetitive
All the time.
Without a doubt you’ll find me forgettable
But my words will cause you
To question the regrettable.
I’m cursed
And I’m pleased
For what keeps me high is that I’m not the worst
And there is still life to be seized.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
You're Been Warned
Fair warning:
Do not engage.
I want your deep, dark secrets.
But first, what’s your name?
I’ll listen to your stories.
Find words left unsaid.
Let me play with your scars
Fester up the undead.
Walk a mile in your shoes.
Run awhile well consumed.
Capture your pain unrehearsed.
Wild guesses, no remorse.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 2 0
The Will To Succeed
Reaching and reaching
But never succeeding
Contemplating death
Without grieving
Every mistake is felt
By a hard life dealt
Hallowed echoes
Hidden in stealth
The day after tomorrow
Soon dripping in sorrow
With my fear of living
I dare not wallow
Straight as an arrow
Eye sight is narrow
With direct speed
I am now hollow
I bid you all farewell
But try not to dwell
I won’t be back
I will not fail
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
Double Take
He stares
At everyone else
But me
Just a little too long
And it’s in that realization
That I go breathless
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 11 0
To Sleep Or Die
I would wake up ready to sleep or die.
I desired substance.
I desired conversation.
I was receiving neither.
There was where
I was suffocating the most.
There between the nothing
And the never.
I would curl up with my pain
And drown in my thoughts.
They had no titles
And when asked to describe them
I could not recount where they came from.
I could only stammer through complaints
And regrets.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 0 0
I Went To Sleep
I went to sleep dreaming
About rug burned knees
And menstruation blood
Dried to my thighs.
I went to sleep listening
To the lulls of Jet,
My heart,
And my humidifier.
I went to sleep thinking
How can someone so dull
Thrive with someone so magnetic
And angry.
I went to sleep
And woke up
Still angry
And you were still dull.
:iconmerely-mere:Merely-Mere 1 0

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Meredith Wyatt
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United States
I use my photography and poetry to convey my inner self and how I perceive this world including the places and things in it. I'm a reserved person with a not so reserved personality.


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